Facial hair remover


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Size: length 19.5cm* width 1.5cm

A simple, painless tool to remove facial hair
Pen size and light weight, easy to carry and use
Handles at each end of the spring
Removes hair root for long-lasting hair complexion and keeping delicate skin shine
Suitable for removing hair on the forehead, cheeks and chin (should not be used on eyebrows)
Material: stainless steel, spring and plastic handles
Size: Total length: 19 cm; Spring length: 10 cm
How to use:
You do not have to wash, bleach or stabbing lotions, bend the stick in an inverted "U" and place it
Against the hairs you want to remove, hold the handles, turn the stick in opposite directions, the hairs
Are caught between the tight spring that handles and removes them in a quick motion

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